Brush Care

Daily Care

After using powder foundation, gently dab the brush onto a tissue to release any remaining powder.

After using liquid foundation, gently wipe the brush onto a tissue to remove any remaining makeup oils.

After using a lip brush, gently wipe lipstick or lip gloss onto a tissue.


Wash your brushes with water as needed, but no more than once a month if you use powder foundation and no more than twice a month if you use liquid foundation.

In order to clean your brush properly:

  • - Dissolve a mild soap into a bowl of warm water, and gently squeeze the bristles. We recommend using one pump of shampoo for brushes used with powder foundation and one pump of facial cleanser for brushes used with liquid foundation.
  • - Rinse brush with warm water.
  • - Wipe excess water from the brush, and gently squeeze brush hairs back into their original position. Dry the brush in a shady place.

Important Reminders

  • - Excessive washing of your brush may result in damage to brush hairs.
  • - Exposing the stem or ferrule to water too frequently may result in damage.
  • - Dry your brushes in a shady place to avoid damage from sunlight.
  • - Washing your brush when it is new or relatively clean may increase the likelihood of causing hair loss or other damage to the brush.
  • - Please be advised that stray brush hair may shed from your brush, especially after the first wash or during the first month of regular use. Such hairs typically are not part of the constructed brush head, but, rather, are extra hairs that have not been fluffed out of the brush head. Brush hair loss of this nature does not necessarily indicate a defective brush; however, significant brush hair loss should not persist throughout the lifetime of your brush.

About the life of CHIKUHODO brushes

The life of CHIKUHODO brushes ranges from a couple of months to years depending on frequency of use and brush care. More frequent use or a lack of brush care may result in greater wear on your brush.

*If your brush is shedding hairs or has lost volume, we recommend using a wide-toothed comb: after washing your brush, gently comb the hairs once or twice before drying them. The condition of your brush may improve, but if it does not, we recommend replacing it.