Inside Visage

Visage Corporate

Visage is an international cosmetic distribution company owned by Synergique. Currently, Visage is retailer and distributor of CHIKUHODO products outside of Japan. CHIKUHODO is a premiere cosmetic brush company that draws on the Japanese Kumano Fude tradition to produce some of the most intricately manufactured cosmetic brushes in the world.

At Visage, we believe that beauty is unique. We believe that beauty isn”Ēt something to be copied, but something to be crafted. Our goal is to empower every individual with the tools to discover and express their version of their most beautiful self. Our promise is to provide cosmetic products that you can trust. Products made from the finest materials and with the most rigorous dedication to craftsmanship.

Visage Values

Visage values growing, but not forgetting.

A More Beautiful You
We are continually evolving, seeking to connect our customers with all the benefits of the ever-changing world of cosmetic innovation. At the same time, we have committed ourselves to maintaining the traditions that have brought you superior craftsmanship and precision.
A More Beautiful World
Visage would be remiss if it didn”Ēt fulfill its obligation to the next generation of beauty creators. With a passion to support children in need, Visage proudly donates a portion of its profits to UNICEF.